About Me

I am a follower of Jesus.

Dependent upon the abundant grace of God.

Reminding myself daily that I must die to my old self as I step toward my true self in Christ.

It took me a long time to begin to understand what Christ’s words about dying to self meant. It’s about identity. Dying to the world’s standards and my own strategies for covering my shame and allowing Christ to provide my sense of value and covering for my brokenness. Developing my openness to God take discipline that comes from Christ’s love.

I’ve been a pastor. Burned out. Attempted to destroy my life. God’s brought me back. And taught me the beauty of restoration in the process.

Now pastor is my role, not my identity. I’m also a husband, father, coach, spiritual director, writer and speaker. Shepherding people give me energy. I like to play and go to the beach. Particularly a Caribbean beach.

My wife of almost 18 years, Missy, and I met at the University of Florida when she threw me out of a basketball game. She has had to endure the hard process of being my partner while I’ve learned to live godly masculine strength.

Our 12 year old daughter, who is now taller than my wife, enjoys swimming freestyle and playing the saxophone.

Presently I work as Pastor of Care and Families at Ascension Church in Orlando, FL. In my spare night hours I blog my thoughts on identity and am also writing a book on developing an identity in Christ. It might be called Choosing to Trust. Or maybe not.

Beyond that, God has a plan and I am simply trying to faithfully put one foot in front of the other on that path.

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