Understanding Resurrection

Posted on April 9, 2012 | 1 comment

After Jesus was put into the tomb, a rock was rolled in front of the entrance and it was sealed. For good measure, guards were posted just outside the entrance. But it did not matter. The disciples of the Messiah were mourning their lost opportunity and preparing to enter back into their ordinary lives. They were hanging onto their false expectations.

Even as Mary remained outside the empty tomb, the last to leave, she is consumed with grief for the missing body. Petitioning the unknown figure before her, she asked him to reveal the location so that she could go and retrieve her dead friend.

Jesus was right in front of her, but Mary could not comprehend because she had not let go of who she thought He was. Even her cry of “Teacher!” reveals her hope that the way things were would soon to be restored.

As Mary leaps forward to grab hold of her teacher, Jesus would not be held back. He refused to submit to her false hopes. Jesus asked Mary to let him go. This was not simply a matter of the pre-Good Friday Jesus returning, He was now resurrected into something new.

Experiencing the blessing of resurrection requires letting go of the old. New life and the old cannot coexist.

We cannot experience our new self in Christ and hang onto the false self simultaneously.

God cannot work all things for our good if we live in regret and unprocessed grief.

Our marriages cannot be transformed until we die to old expectations.

We cannot embrace and live in the truth if we hang onto the lie.

Do you have expectations of Christ that you need to let go of in order to more fully experience new life?

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  1. Love this entry. Helped me realize some things I need to work on. Thank you!

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