God Loves You

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The truth that we believe and that we hence preach to ourselves about our relationship with God has impact on our ability to pursue connection.

God loves you.

That is the foundational truth.

God sustains all things (see Hebrews 1), and that includes our relationship with Him.

Our love for God does not sustain the relationship, and it should thus not be the primary motivation or focus of our relationship with Him.

God loves you.

As our old self and new self battle, our faithfulness oscillates like a sine wave. (I’m half sorry for the math reference.)

But God’s faithfulness is steady, not dependent on us and hence provides us security.

God loves you.

We did not choose Him; He chose us. Our ability to love God is only possible by the love He had for us first. Our love is a product, a response, enabled by His pursuit of us in Christ.

God loves you.

If we attempt to focus on our love for God as a motivation for behavior, then we are precariously close to believing that it is our effort, our performance that sustains the relationship with God.

God loves you.

God’s love for us is primary. Our responsibility is to respond. Thankfulness. Humility. Dependence. Perseverance. Sacrifice.

Not in an effort to pay a debt. That can never happen. But responding the the embrace initiated by the Creator. Taking a step toward God so that He, like the father of the prodigal son, can run the rest of the distance to us. Creating space in our life with the expectancy that God will fill it.

God loves you.

That is the truth to focus on. That is the basis of the relationship between you and God.

Why is it easier to focus on your love for God rather than God’s love of you?

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