God’s Dream For Us

Way, way back in high school, I knew a guy whose dad raised him as a Notre Dame fan. So much so, that this guy who played wide receiver on the football team dreamed of one day playing that same position for the fighting Irish.

He wore Notre Dame jerseys every day to school. Told everyone that he was being recruited, and basically was just very annoying about his love affair with the school from Indiana.

Playing for the Irish was his dream.

It didn’t happen.

I don’t know what did become of him, what school he did end up going to, whether he played football or not, but I do wonder how it was for him. What was it like when his dream – the basis for so much of who he was – did not come true?

When we live for our dreams, they become our sense of right-ness. Our righteousness. They become the lens we use to evaluate our sense of self. Success or failure? Just compare to the dream.

Many dreams are built on legitimate, healthy desires.

The dream of a happy marriage. Healthy kids. Losing 20 pounds. Having a fulfilling career. Recovering from the cancer.

And other dreams are good desires gone bad.

Dreams hold us hostage. Enslaving us because we can’t live up to the standard of the dream. If we happen to get close, maintaining the dream is an impossibility.

The thought that takes us captive is that if I can attain the dream, then I will be more acceptable. Lovable. Whole.

We often look to God in order to make our dreams happen. Salvation is reduced to God giving us what we want.

But that is not God’s dream for us. He doesn’t tend to enable our pursuits that pull us away from him.

God does not frustrate our dreams because He is aloof, callous, unconcerned, or unable, but because of his great love for us. {Click to tweet.}

He loves who we were created to be.

He’s not impressed if we lose 20 pounds. We are not more worthy if our marriage is happy or if we are a wide receiver for Notre Dame.

Those are coverings that hide our true self. There is only one covering that restores.

Being in Christ.

That is God’s dream for us.

What dream that you depended on has God frustrated in your life?

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