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…the sin that so easily entangles… – Hebrews 12:1

Sin entangles.

In my mind the image this brings up is a fly caught in the web of a spider. Every movement to free itself only causes it to get more stuck.

Whether it intentionally used the web as a landing place or unintentionally flew into it, stuck is stuck.

That is the way sin is. With intentional motives or unintentional, when we try to find our sense of wholeness apart from God – believing the LIE – we enter the web of sin.

No amount of self-effort will free us from the web of sin in which we are entangled. As we thrash about, making attempts to try harder to free ourselves, to behave a certain way, obey the rules, hide our bad fruit, and meet the expectations of others, we only get further trapped in lies, shame, and patterns of behavior.

More disconnected from God.

But the good news of the gospel is that, unlike the fly, there is a way we can be free from entanglement. We have a rescuer. A saver.

A Savior.

Jesus frees us from the entanglement of sin. He gives us the ability to take off the old self – wrapped and tangled in webbing – and put on the new self in Christ.

A new identity. A new source of value. Rather than brokenness, wholeness in Christ. Untangled. Redeemed.

What picture of entanglement do you liken to the influence of sin?

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