God’s Will For You

Do you remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? Actually, I think they are still around, but they made their debut when I was a kid. The Cave of Time is a classic to me. Would love to get my hands on a copy with the cover I remember.

In case you’ve never seen one, the book starts with a two or three page story intro, and then at the bottom of pages you are asked what choice you would make (no reading ahead!). If you want to enter the cave, turn to page 7. If you walk away from the cave, turn to page 15. Some pages would terminate your story with a bold THE END, and others would allow you to make more choices.

I mention this because I see so many people living spiritually like their life is a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Must carefully make the one and only right choice along the journey or else you are going to encounter a THE END.

End of grace. End of provision. End of a relationship with God. You are out of the story because of the wrong choice.

Of course, I am not advocating capricious, haphazard, poorly made decisions. But many people are fearful, almost paralyzed, by the thought that they must predict God’s will for them. Maybe God’s will is not a choice, maybe it is a state of being.

What is God’s will for you?

He wants all to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. His desire is that we would be in Christ.

His will is that Christ is our covering and identity.

That we would form the body of Christ, exercising the gifts that He has lovingly given, used for His glory and growth of His kingdom.

And it seems that there is not always one ‘right’ decision.

Sometimes God seems remarkably quiet when we need a declaration.

Other times, God takes our poorly made decision – a THE END we have made – and shapes us through it. A miracle of His will, drawing us closer.

Of course, there are times when God may be clearly heard, as was the case with Abraham, Moses, Saul (Paul), Peter, and many others. But God doesn’t always shout, stand bodily before us, or give us a burning bush.

So, how do I know God’s will?

Know your identity. Be open. Practice His presence. Rest in Jesus. Stand close in Christ. Close enough to hear God’s whisper in the chaos of day to day living. Make time.

It take intentional effort, but being close, no longer conforming to the pattern of this world is God’s will for you.

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