When Is Discontent Holy?

Discontentment is a common feeling. We can all relate with wanting something more or different. Wrestling with unfulfilled desires.

But, what does it mean for our discontent to be a holy emotion?

To start, holy discontent does not come from the bad tree. A heart rooted in the false self will not experience a holy discontent as it attempts to satiate the self’s desire for security, control and affirmation.

When we are controlled by the false self – seeking our wholeness apart from God – then a state of discontent indeed will result. There will always be someone with more, newer, better and our pride will force us to compare. Then we will want what our eyes and hearts have fixated on.

Building up the identity apart from God. And the false self never rests. Discontent produced from our desire to cover our self.

Holy discontent comes when we want the things God wants. To live into our design and exercise our gifts.

Being held back from bearing fruit consistent with our true self in Christ fosters holy discontent.

Brokenness frustrating godly desires breeds holy discontent.

Our discontent is holy when we are centered in our relationship with Christ.

Through our hold discontent, God compels us to fight for our calling. The unique calling he has given us on our spiritual journey.

Holy discontent is not the sin of disobedience, it is longing for the way things ought to be.

The image within us groaning for goodness, fulfillment and restoration.

How have you experienced holy discontentment?

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