Mayan Apocalypse

Can't wait for Friday. What about Saturday?

Friday the world is supposed to end. Well, that is according to the Mayan calendar. So, news stories abound of people hoarding food and finding places to hide. For some, anxiety is heightening.

On a car yesterday, I saw a bumper sticker “I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse.”

It seems whether it is Mayans, zombies, or environmental concern, there is more and more discussion of the end of the world. And belief that it will happen.

Some of this is our sense that things are getting worse and worse. There seems to be more acts of evil around us. Just as we recover from one disaster, another strikes. Hurricane of the century here; earthquake there; fires and drought and suddenly we feel like the earth doesn’t even want us here.

Truth is, that sense is spot on. Paul wrote to the Romans – who must have had the same sense – that the entire creation groans in anticipation of restoration. Even the earth knows that this is not the way God created things to be.

While I don’t subscribe to the Mayan calendar or a sudden uprising of zombies, I do believe that the world in its present state will end one day. Jesus will return and usher in the new heaven and the new earth.

Redemption of all things.

Only, here is a key piece of information, Jesus said that the only one who knows the day and time is the Father. Not even He, the Son, was away of the hour. The advice he gave his disciples was to not fall prey to those who set forth dates, but rather to live in holy anticipation of his return.

So my guess is that Friday is not the day.

What does it mean to live in holy anticipation of Christ’s return? How should that impact your day-to-day living?

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