Of One Heart

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Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common. – Acts 4:32

Overlooked in this statement about having everything in common is a window into the identity of the early church. Not only does entering into Christ change the identity of the individual – that source of our value, what gives us the sense of wholeness – but it also is an invitation into a group identity as well.

The reference of this verse is to the full number of those who believed – everyone was of one heart and soul. This was a fruit of belief.

Awareness of being interconnected.

Of one heart – having the same desires. Of one soul – having the same spiritual identity in Christ.

Not only does Christ begin to heal the inward brokenness, but He also restores our ability to have relationships – another consequence of the garden. Enabling the ability to love without needing to have another reflect worth to us.

Adam and Eve experienced shame and separation in their relationship and covered up. In Christ, we can stop our efforts to cover up and become vulnerable and interconnected – of one heart and soul.

Contrast this with our experience of relationship today.

As believers are we of one heart and soul with people in the church across the street? Or are we in competition with them for bodies? Is it a source of comparison to boost the false self? My kingdom is bigger than your kingdom. Finding ways to exclude others or tear them down. That is not one heart and soul.

What does it mean to be of one heart and soul with followers of Christ who look different than you? {Click to Tweet that question.}

Can your marriage be described as of one heart and soul? Are you seeking your identity in Christ or in your spouse? The former allows you to build your spouse up, the latter requires that they build you up. Do you pursue oneness in your marriage – spiritually, emotionally, physically? Would you even know how to begin that journey?

What step can you take to pursue oneness with your spouse?

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