The Power of Adoption

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Had a conversation with a friend last week and it has been echoing in my mind all weekend. During our talk, I checked in on how his household was settling in after the adoption of his three-year old daughter.

Last year, my friend and his wife were able to rescue this girl from a bad situation and provide her a new home, in a new family system, based on unconditional love, acceptance, and security.

His report on the last six months was that, over time, there has been a lowering of walls by this beautiful young girl. Trust has been established and she is learning what it means to feel safe in a loving family environment.

But, he also said, there are still triggers. There are still plenty of remnants of the painful past. Emotional times that cause this loved little girl to refuse the love and grace being given to her. She turns away, isolates, cries, and tries to sooth herself.

And my friend feels helpless because she cannot accept the better way.

Her past keeps her from fully embracing the new relational system.

As we walk in Christ, bearers of a new identity, adopted into a new relational system, we have the same struggle. Our emotions, our responses, our false identity that covered our shame were all products of brokenness. Broken relational systems. Broken people in those systems. Our own broken self.

Just as with my friend’s new daughter, there are triggers for us. Times that we respond in an old way – out of habit or comfort of a false sense of security. These are times when we spurn the perfect love of the Father and seek fake substitutes. Looking at our self through the wrong lens. {Don’t be shy about checking out those two linked blogs!}

These times cause us to disconnect from the truth of who we are in Christ. Seeing our self as God sees it. Instead we revert back to the lies that our old self was based on.

Knowing these lies, understanding our triggers, awareness of what causes us to look back is part of the inward journey. And the value in making it.

What are the situations or circumstances that press you to pull away from the new truth of who you are in Christ?

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