Holy Saturday

Today is Saturday. The Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

Holy Saturday.

A day of grief and mourning. Of struggle and loss.

For the disciples of Christ, it was a day of confusion and wonder. What had happened?

What comes next?

As we live the Paschal Mystery, we are confronted with this same question.

As we daily die to our old self, and live in the grief and struggle of our Holy Saturdays, what comes next?

Where will I turn?

Will I long for the pomp and circumstance, the false satisfaction of what was?

Looking back and thinking it was better than it was. Or something that it wasn’t. Searching for a promise in my own expectations rather than listening to God.

Will I try to the return to comfort and familiarity or old tactics, strategies and comparisons as a substitute for freedom?

Or will I accept new life? Giving up control and embracing the mystery.

Abandoning the false self, and the lies it is founded upon for another day – or hour – or moment.

Resurrection awaits after Holy Saturday. New life after we’ve experienced our grief and let go of the old. Restoration of the true self.

Today is a day of choice. Will I follow my longing to create a wholeness apart from God or will I follow Christ through humility and death?

That is the daily choice of following Christ.

That is Holy Saturday.

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