Lazy Christianity

Been seeing a lot of articles about the faith of the family on Duck Dynasty pop up on Christian websites lately. It seems that Christians want to see fame and popularity among followers of Christ.

Look at the pedestal we’ve put Tim Tebow on as another example.

Mega church pastors are treated (and often act) like rock stars. This has become such a cultural phenomena, there is even a twitter parody.

Why do we want so bad for famous people to be Christians?

Conversely, why do we long for Christians to be famous?

Maybe it is because we are lazy followers.

Celebrity is equated with relevance.

If a follower of Christ is famous, it seemingly provides validation for our beliefs.

Maybe worst of all, we use that as an example of how being a Christian ‘works’.

It sort of lets the rest of us off the hook for being the Light to those around us. Allowing us to follow Christ under cover.

Problem is, celebrity is not relevance. Fame does not equate to an effective belief system or that someone has lived for Christ rightly.

A light is not to be put under a bowl. Regardless of before how many it shines.

What is the size of your circle of influence? Are you a light of love or hidden under a bowl?

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