Morrissey, Tolerance, and Duck Dynasty

Back in college, I became a huge fan of the music of Morrissey. I believe I owned every CD (what are those?) that The Smiths and Morrissey had put out up to that time. My wife and I claim the song “How Soon Is Now?” as our song, in fact, it is playing right now on my iPod.

A little over a week ago, Morrissey was set to appear on a late night program along with the guys from a show called Duck Dynasty. The guys from Duck Dynasty make duck calls for a living and like hunting. They also claim to be Christians.

My guess would be that Morrissey claims to be a tolerant guy. Following a doctrine that everyone should have a voice. Which, by the way, I agree with. Beliefs are worthless if they cannot stand up to what others propose.

Yet, when push came to shove, Morrissey backed out of his commitment because the Duck Dynasty guys kill ducks, and other animals, when they hunt.

The reaction to this seemed to be pretty lukewarm. Since I don’t follow this stuff too closely, I can’t say with confidence.

But, here is what has occurred to me since. What if the guys from Duck Dynasty had backed out of the show because the social values of Morrissey had conflicted with their own? How would they be portrayed?


Weak minded?

I’m not sure. But I find it interesting when tolerance is accepted and when it is not.

Truth is, true tolerance is difficult. It means loving others even when you disagree.

Tolerance means not feeling shame when another believes differently. {Tweet this good stuff.}

It means holding onto your Self, your value and significance, when others disagree.

That is possible only when your beliefs are based and practiced on the rock of Truth. Identity in Christ.

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