My Daughter’s Good Eye and the Pig

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The Pig

The Pig


(This is part 2 of a four-part series on generosity. Check out part 1 here.)

I love to go on cruises. It is my favorite way to vacation. The size and power of the ocean creates awareness in me of God and frankly, I just love that my room goes to new places and I don’t have to keep unpacking.

Over this past summer, my family and I had the blessing of taking a short cruise to the Bahamas, stopping in the port of Nassau. If you have never been to Nassau, then you need to know that it is a very busy tourist port. Lots of ships stop there every day, lots of people buying lots of stuff. So, bargaining has become part of the shopping experience.

Before going on, I must tell you that my 12-year-old daughter loves pigs. Not that we live on a farm or that we own a live pig, but every small pig toy or piggy bank brings a squeal (no pun intended) of delight to her. It is really quite adorable.

As my wife, daughter, and I get off the ship in Nassau, the very first thing my daughter spies is the pig pictured above. It is made out of coconut. Shells for feet. The back-end of the pig is removable in order to retrieve money deposited into this bank. Daughter thought this was about the funniest thing in the world. Truth be told, I did too because who wouldn’t want to have money coming out of that part of their body?

Well, I thought this pig was a little expensive and it was the first thing we saw, so I told her that we would look around the straw market for a while. This is my attempt to be a good dad. I wanted to teach her how to bargain.

The straw market on Nassau is a huge building packed with local vendors. Each gets maybe four feet of table space to cram all their stuff onto and up to the ceiling. Additionally, the aisles are very close together, so as you walk down you literally bump shoulders with every vendor as they ask you if you like anything they have to sell.

It is a very overwhelming environment.

As my daughter walks down the aisles looking for pigs, asking how much they cost, her shoulders slump. This leads to more advice from dad “Be confident! They won’t accept your offer if you look weak!” I know, father of the year type stuff.

After a few more aisles, my daughter is crying and I am having trouble taking it so I huff and say “Let’s just leave, this was supposed to be fun.”

Walking back to the ship, I ask daughter what was up and she replied…

“Talking the people down means that I am taking money away from them that they need more than we do.”

Duh. And I thought I was the one that was supposed to be giving the lessons.

She was sensitive to the need of the person rather than driven by what she wanted.

My daughter has a good eye. (For an explanation of good eye, see the first post.)

On our walk back, as I marveled at where my daughter got this wisdom, I watched her buy a painting by a local artist for the price the nice woman asked.

Then I happily bought her The Pig. And I didn’t try to bargain.

To what needs of those around you are you sensitive?

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  1. We always knew she was amazing! Know the world knows……we love you!

    • She is amazing, and we love you too.

  2. Now the world knows. Sorry for the bad grammar

  3. A very wise daughter! I always feel that way, too … hmmm, did I miss your Five Minute Friday post – visitng from there. Will look around. 🙂 Happy Friday’s!

    • Happy Friday to you too. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

  4. What a beautiful post! Your daughter has a beautiful heart. I love when my children teach me too.

  5. never been on a cruise; i keep getting such good prompts though; have a nice Friday

    much love…

  6. What a beautiful, sensitive girl. That is a sweet story. I hate haggling too for the same reasons. I feel like I am cheating them… I love cruising too!

  7. I never thought of it that way. Kids are so perceptive!

    Visiting from Weekends are Fun!

    • It is interesting to hear the perspective of kids because it is less corrupted by the lies of the systems of the world. Thank you for dropping by.

  8. I love this! Out of the mouths of babes eh?
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

    • Yes, it certainly is amazing what kids can teach you. I got a big change of perspective that day.

  9. Oh me too, I loved to cruise, Bahamas that sounds just lovely.
    Your title is brilliant and so is your daughter, she is a little gem.
    Talking of little gems, I trust piggy is settling in well at your place?
    Good way of teaching your daughter about the joys of saving money, that way she doesn’t ‘erm have to remove the money from your know where!!!


    • Oh yes, the pig has a happy home and is much loved. Thank you for your kind words and spending some time reading here.

  10. You have a generous daughter and she taught something for Dad to learn also!
    I know she will enjoy this pig!

  11. She’s has a good eye, and duh! Dad, for making her go against her instinct. She’s a good soul 🙂

  12. What a beautiful post – your daughter has a beautiful soul #magicmoments

  13. Aww, how wonderful (of her and you!). I love this post!

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

    • Thank you for dropping by and reading!

  14. Oh, that is truly sweet, what a sensitive and thoughtful little girl. I have never been on a cruise but hope to one day. Thanks for linking up.

  15. awww what an absolutely beautiful person your daughter is!! thank you for sharing and linking up with #MagicMoments x

  16. Such a wise young woman!

  17. I love it! Isn’t amazing how much our children can humble us at times??

    • Yes. I have learned so much about my relationship with God through my daughter and being her father. What an amazing blessing.

  18. This is such a good example of the saying that from the mouth of siblings you will hear the truth. Here in South Africa many people are getting pigs as pets and they are quite adorable.
    Blessings XX

    • I love that saying, thank you for adding it to the conversation. My daughter is counting the days until she can get a pig (when she has her own place!).

  19. You are such a great father, Scott. You struck a difficult balance by teaching her good money and bargaining skills all the while being sensitive and secure enough to be influenced by her as well. It sounds as if she has a compassionate spirit and is growing into a beautiful young woman. I can’t wait to catch up on all that I’ve missed here at your place. It may take me a bit, but I’ll be back to finish the task!

  20. Cute piggy 🙂

  21. I love this post! Your daughter has a good heart. We could all learn from her.

  22. Out of the mouth of babes. It surprises me the things that I have learned from words spoken by those less wise than me. Sometimes the old dog learns something new. Nice experience and lesson shared. Oh yeah…cool pig! Thanks for visiting me me for WW!

  23. Great story. No wonder Jesus admonished his disciples to become like children. (Matt. 18:2)

  24. Wow! What an awesome lesson! i was totally expecting your daughter to haggle someone down and walk away pig in hand and an extra dollar or two in her pocket.

    Isn’t it amazing how our Kiddies can teach us lessons through their innocence? Great post. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Yes, the entire day was a surprise and lesson for me. Thanks for stopping by!

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