Whose Will Be Done?

Prayer is an essential element in maintaining our connection with and openness to our Father in heaven.

One of the ruts that I fall into, and I am certain that I am not alone in this, is that I impose my will in prayer.

I come into prayer with my list of wants and requests, tie it up with an “in Jesus’ name”, and hope for the best.

Prayer becomes something to plow through, to get done, so that I can move onto the next thing on my list.

Worse, in this mode, the agenda for prayer is my own and the center of prayer is my-self. Most likely my false self because a lot of what I put on the list is things that will sustain me, with or without God.

There is certainly a time for asking, but if that is all you bring to the table in prayer, then your view of God is flawed.

Prayer is supposed to be about communion with the One who created us and is the Author of our faith. Practicing being in his presence.

Being still and being centered in him.

Not my will, but his.

Yet even in this we struggle. Even as we follow the command to be still, we still our bodies but we do not still our minds as we think through our to-do list, the best way to avoid traffic, and our approach at the next staff meeting.

It is possible that you are not experiencing efficacy in prayer because you are not taking the time to be quiet and listen.

This is much harder. It takes more time and discipline.

And it requires us to surrender. Releasing our grasp on the future and our plans and communing with God in the present moment and hearing his voice.

How often do you create a time with no expectations or agenda to listen and to pray?

How would your spiritual life in Christ be changed by practicing surrender in God’s presence?

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