Shaking My Head

I believe that the text and twitter jargon for ‘shaking my head’ is smh or #smh. And I am doing that vigorously, right now as I type.

On a sports website I just read a very inspiring story about the work that Tim Tebow is presently doing, using his platform to raise money  for his charities that help children. (For an earlier post on Tebow, click here.)

This is something that followers of Christ should be unified behind. Someone actively expressing their faith through their works. Whether you agree with his doctrinal stances or public prayers or his virginity until marriage, here is someone who openly states that his motivation for what he does is gratitude for what Jesus has done for him.

All of us should be cheering him on in his efforts.

So, what do I see when I look at the comments that followed the article?

Arguments. Insults.

Among Christians.

About doctrine.


And it is not just this one instance. I’ve seen it in response to tweets, facebook posts, and instagram blurbs.

There is more desire to be right rather than living in humility. That is pride and it is the source of the false self.

Needing to be right is more about an insecure identity than promoting truth.

How does this look to those who are not following Christ?

It is contentiousness. And to those outside Christ it looks like members of the same team firing bullets at each other. Unfortunately, friendly fire is something Christians are good at.

It provides a hurdle to those outside coming into Christ. Why enter into something in which members of the community are going to become the first line of accusers and attackers.

And it is a reason why followers of Christ continue to lose influence in the lives of the lost. When we are not one, we do not reflect our one Father.

Our words have affect. Our words also have effect. They are intended to build up and express the hope of a gospel of redemption and reconciliation.

Do your words build up your own kingdom or the kingdom of God? Evaluate how your words build others up? 

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