Let It Go

Touch the hand of a newborn baby, and the infants reflexive instinct is to grab hold.

When a person falls down, their instinct is to reach out and grab hold of something for support.

What every human experiences physically is also the condition of the soul. The soul clings to something to cover shame and give a sense of significance and value.

We all seek identity in something, whether is is a relationship, role, status, wealth, or something else.

So, the advice to ‘let it go’ is not great advice when given by itself, because our instinct will be to grab hold of something.

Thus, we either return to the familiar and comfortable for a sense of self, or we trade one thing for another.

This has been my own experience. As a people pleaser – deriving sense of self from the affirmation of others – I spent years trying to please my spouse so that I would then feel worthy. When that failed, I turned attention to seeking affirmation from my role as pastor. One idol was substituted for another.

Throughout the Bible, God has made himself available as the thing that we cling to for identity. Living in communion with him to have our basic questions of worth (see Why Do We Adopt an Identity).

In Christ, we have both an example of what clinging to God looks like, and also an image of the invisible God – truth in the flesh.

Truth that we can substitute for the lies that motivate us to cling to false sources of identity.

As we take captive our thoughts, our decisions, behaviors, and ways of relating are transformed.

Let it go, then cling to God.

  • What do you tend to reach out to when you experience troubles?
  • How can you intentionally change your mindset in order for God to be what you reach for?

I work with followers of Christ to energize discipleship, improve relationships, decrease anxiety and facilitate leadership development. I am a certified coach specializing in pastoral leadership, relationships, discipleship, life transitions, and Christian identity. Also, I am the author of the forthcoming book Discovering Your Root: Developing Your Identity in Christ.

Services I offer are one-on-one coaching, group coaching,  speaking at organizations/churches, leadership workshops, and church retreats. For more info, click here to contact me.

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