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Posted on October 25, 2016 | 10 comments

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It is election season. From things I’ve read, if Jesus were alive today, He would support every political candidate. Or at least that is the case people make.

There is a proliferation of bumper stickers saying that “Jesus is an environmentalist” or “Jesus is a capitalist” or some other such identification.

Many churches teach their opinions as if they were doctrines of Jesus. Things like kids must be home-schooled or that some standards of discipleship are old-fashioned.

Here is the truth: we view Jesus through the lens of what builds up our false sense of self.

We want Jesus to affirm the things from which we are seeking value. Thus, we don’t see Jesus as He actually is, we see a Jesus created in our own image.

Jesus did not come to affirm our broken philosophies, He came to show the world the love of the Father.

When we make Jesus in our image, that leads to division rather than unity, condemnation rather than acceptance, and judgment rather than forgiveness.

Jesus was concerned that we do two things: love God and love people.

Loving God is about rooting our full sense of identity in Him. Loving people is a fruit of the freedom that source of identity provides.

Where loving God and people conflicts with our desires we are to abandon our self.

In what ways does Jesus look more like you rather than you looking more like Jesus?


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  1. What a great quote from the rabbi and good thoughts to ponder.

    • Yes, I love that quote. It is so true too!

  2. Loving God and loving others. Yes, we are called to do both. I could do a better job. I appreciate your words of encouragement and truth today. Blessings!

    • All of us can do better. That is why it is so important that God loves us independent of our performance.

  3. ‘Jesus did not come to affirm our broken philosophies, He came to show the world the love of the Father.’

    Wow. Friend, that was so appropo for the crazy world and desperate times we live in; Jesus came to REMAKE us, to make us new creatures, and that’s the comfort of the Christian gospel and the glory!

    Thank you. This put so much hope back into what really matters.

    • Thank you Emily. So glad you hopped over to the blog and participated.

  4. Jesus did not come to affirm our broken philosophies, He came to show the world the love of the Father. Yes! I’ve been having this same conversation with family members, and this is a difficult concept for many to embrace….especially in our current political climate. Love that you have drawn readers back to the foundational truth of rooting our full identity in Him!

    • Thank you Crystal. I love that you are having these conversations with family.

  5. This political season has really been cause to evaluate our faith … our perspective … how we live out the love of Christ. Your post makes us pause and think deeply about that. Thank you for your insight and for speaking truth! And thanks so much for joining us at #MomentsofHope!
    Blessings and smiles,

    • Thanks Lori for being part of the conversation.

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