Remember to Make Room

You have probably noticed that Christmas is hurtling towards us.

I’m probably safe in assuming that you feel it coming in the level of your busyness and the feeling that there is “so much left to do.”

Shopping needs to be finished.

Parties need to be attended.

Cooking needs to be done.

All the while, you still have to do you normal work.

If you are one of the church leaders who read this, your stress is augmented by the preparation for the loads of extra people you expect at church. (Or maybe you are depressed because the crowds no longer come.)

In all of this remember on thing. It is THE one thing.

Remember to make room for Jesus.

Maybe you need to – right now – close your eyes and take five minutes of quiet to listen for God’s voice in your chaos. (Don’t worry, you CAN afford five minutes.)

Maybe you need to read a passage of the Bible independent of preparations for a message or study.

Maybe you need to gather your family or friends together to read the Christmas story and express thanks.

Make space for Him. Don’t stumble over the trappings of the holiday.

Think about the Christmas story in Luke. Jesus was born into a world that struggled to make space for Him.

Those who had eyes to see dropped everything.

My prayer for you in the next week is that you will be one of those.

How much space are you making for Christ in the midst of your holiday preparations? What one change will you commit to making right now?


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