Praying for the Storm

I live in the land of hurricane season. This year we had a couple of very active weeks that saw several hurricanes pass very close by and one slow-moving storm that took a path directly up the center of the state of Florida. Watching hurricane tracking charts is very emotionally draining.

A refrain that becomes common is such seasons – particularly as the storm bears down on your location – is to offer prayers and hopes that the eye of the storm will change directions and follow a new path. But, the more I thought about this line of reasoning, the more unsettled I felt.

At the most basic level, I was praying that the storm would move on and hit someone else.

This was not prayer that was offered in humility with Christ at its center. Such desires had me at the center.

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that so many of my prayers and the prayer requests I see from others have the same misplaced center.

Little thought is given to the implications for others, instead I ask God to ensure my comfort, security, and affirmation. Such requests of God are rooted in the false self.

Christ in the garden faced a storm and asked for another way. But His prayer did not end there. Almost immediately He offered “Yet not as I will, but as you will.” Jesus returned to the proper center for His prayers – the Father.

We hate storms. With good reason. But, good can happen in the storms of life. They can help us release our grip on things we turn to for a sense of control, wholeness, or security.

Storms help us realize our dependence of God and become an invitation to surrender more fully to the love of Christ.

The storm should change our perspective.

Take a few minutes to meditate on the following question: who is the center of my prayers?


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