Making Time

One obstacle that I experience (and that I hear described to me frequently) in developing a disciplined discipleship relationship with Jesus is the factor of time. How does one “make time?”

This is the corollary to the statement “I would pray more (or read the Bible more or serve more) if I just had more time.”

The answer to the question “how does one make time?” is pretty simple: you don’t.

None of us is able to fabricate more hours in a day. All of us get the same 24.

What we really mean by this question is “I’m already involved in things I like or I find necessary, how do I add time with Jesus?”

Examples abound. We like to binge watch Netflix. We might like to get in a round of golf with friends after work. We may like the money working overtime brings. We may like the new car we are driving so must work more to support that.

Right away you might be throwing up resistance. “I can’t have fun?” “I can’t have leisure?” “I can’t earn income?” Resistance means that this is hitting the target.

I’m not saying those aren’t things worth liking or that we shouldn’t engage in recreation. (Ours is the problem of gorging on recreation and entertainment.)

But, do you like Jesus more?

This is the very real question that Jesus asked Peter. One thing about Jesus that cannot be denied is that He asked for preeminence in our lives. He has earned it. Being a disciple means to be shaped by his presence. We must sit in his presence.

All of us have the time. We can “make time” by not giving ourselves to other things. This is part of what it means to deny ourselves. Stop acting in old patterns and developing new disciplines.

So the question to ask is “Why do I like ________________ more than Jesus?”

It is a question related to identity. Our identity transforms our values which leads to changes is decisions and behaviors.

Meaning, the strength of the root of our identity will impact how we use our time.

How much time do you need to deepen your discipleship relationship? What do you love more than Jesus? How can you “make time?”


I am an author, discipleship coach, and speaker who helps followers of Jesus gain perspective on their identities so they can experience transformation in their decisions, behaviors and relationships and live in freedom. My book Tree of Lies: Transforming Decisions, Behaviors, and Relationships By Gaining Perspective On Your Identity in Christ available on Amazon ( or Barnes and Noble ( Visit for free resources.

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