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Perspectives with Purpose


In the ebb and flow of life, perhaps you may have fallen into a rut while trying to achieve a goal which seems to always be just out of reach.

Or maybe you are in a season of life in which you are being challenged to grow in your leadership, relationship, or spiritual life.

A coach might be just the resource to help you disassemble whatever wall may be keeping you from navigating next steps or making decisions.

Coaching is a process in which the client is guided to use his or her own knowledge and experience to progress in an area of their choice. A coach does not provide solutions, but helps to develop the thinking of the client to see things from a new perspective and discover new options.

My name is Scott Perkins, and I am a coach who has received training and initial certification from Creative Results Management and am in the process of becoming an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. While I am comfortable applying the coaching process to any area or situation, my experiences have equipped me to provide coaching in Leadership, Relationship, and Spiritual Growth.

Do you see your leadership, relationships, or spiritual growth in any of these statements…

  • overwhelmed by the magnitude of a project or goal
  • unaware of new options or paths
  • haphazard or unfocused in your use of time
  • frustrated by a lack of progress
  • motivated to change but lacking ability to make an effective step
  • feeling isolated and dismissed
  • burning out trying to keep everything going

Anyone with a goal, an objective, a dream or a passion who is motivated to make next steps toward its attainment can benefit from a coaching process that is active and forward looking.

As we enter a coaching relationship, our first session will involve developing the objectives to pursue over the duration of our time together. Within each additional session, we will develop and process the action steps that will draw you closer to your objectives. As the client, you will determine the objectives and be responsible for the actions steps you develop. There may even be new or bigger objectives revealed in our time together as progress is made.

If you are intrigued about receiving coaching, your next step is to send me an email in order to set up a free 15 minute consultation to determine if coaching is appropriate to your situation and circumstance. From there we will prepare a coaching agreement.

Then it is on to the first session! Don’t worry about distance or geography, coaching can be effectively done by phone, via Skype as well as in person.

Don’t wait, let’s get started!











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