Kiss Anxiety Goodbye

The November issue of Healthy Living magazine contains an article I wrote about anxiety and a healthy step everyone can and should make to overcome it. In Christ we have the power.

Our leadership and relationships flourish when not controlled by anxiety. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually our lives will improve as well.

Anxiety in our culture is a chronic condition. A reality of life that we simply have grown to accept as a normal by-product of life lived in ever-changing western culture. Because it has become our normal operating state, we obediently comply with what our anxiety is driving us to do hoping the feeling will go away.

Despite our compliance, anxiety is not normal. It is uncomfortable emotionally, destructive physically, and distracting spiritually. Anxious energy becomes burdensome for our relationships. What’s worse, the feeling of anxiety is not something we can simply ‘just stop’ doing. The harder we try to not be anxious will, in fact, create more anxiety. It becomes a vicious cycle of captivity.

Yet, with all this said, experiencing anxiety can be a gift. I say this because anxiety is a symptom that something is not right, and if we can take a moment to examine its source, then we stand a much better chance of not only avoiding the feeling, but having the ability to grow emotionally and spiritually and experience more relational health.

For most of us, the key to beating anxiety is to develop an awareness of our identity.

For the rest of the Healthy Living article, CLICK HERE.

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