In the Right Place

I have been sucked into watching the Olympics. Even though I know who wins and who is disappointed, I am enjoying watching the drama unfold with my wife in the evening. (She also does not know who wins, so I also enjoy occasionally playing spoiler.)

There are so many spiritual themes that are pictured in the games.

The endless training for the event.

Pressing on toward the finish line.

Surrounded by distractions and temptations to throw the athletes off course.

But what struck me tonight came on the volleyball court. It easy to impress me, my volleyball skill is limited. Underhanded serves. Spiking the ball into the net. And my net always sags in the middle, like a worn out horse.

Yet, as I watched I noticed something new. A ballet of movement. Choreographed and precise.

A team of men, each knowing their place, and each in their place. The right place.

Two plays in particular brought this out. On the first, the opponent hit the ball over the two US blockers and the ball was dropping…dropping…dropping…right to another man placed right behind the other two – just for this contingency. If he had been absent, the point would have been lost.

A couple plays later, the setter sent a ball behind him to be spiked. He did not look where he was sending the ball. He just knew someone should be there. So he hit the ball to a SPOT. And the awaiting teammate spiked the ball – point won.

These guys demonstrated reliance on one another. Interdependency. Trust. Not performing as six individuals, but as one unit.

A community.

That is the athletic picture of what we are to be in Christ.

Got created us to be interconnected. Each having a place, one that others will depend on us to be in. Some can not fulfill their purpose, be successful in their role, if we are not where we should be.

Do you know where God has gifted you? What is keeping you from being in the right place?

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