Holy Discontent Requires a Holy Response

In different seasons, God creates holy discontent in our lives as part of our calling. Since God is active in the lives of His people, none are exempt from having a calling.

Our response to the discontent that God creates needs to be a holy response. Meaning we are not to revert back to the old man, the old nature, that is so familiar when we are responding to the uncomfortable feeling of discontent.

Fear, insecurity or apathy may glue us to our seats. Not wanting to make a step or afraid to make the wrong step. So we cover our self with a false trust that challenges God. If you’ve got a plan for me, then I’ll just wait here in my living room for you to make it happen.

Or the pendulum may swing fully in the other direction. This facet of the old nature that is so used to covering and doing everything on its own will run out ahead. Self-effort fulfilling God’s calling on its own. God is seen as the initiator but not the sustainer.

A holy response balances obedience and trust. It is a tough balance, particularly as we are pressed against our brokenness time and again.

Obedience is open to taking a step in the direction God is calling.

Trust is being comfortable not know the entire path or where it may lead.

Abram had a holy response. Not knowing where he was going, think of all the steps necessary to make the step of just leaving. Packing, selling, communicating, organizing all before starting on the trek. Only to have to trust God knew the way.

We could say the same for Elijah, David, Nehemiah, Peter and Paul. Anyone given a call by God. Driven to discontent.

And the same is true for us.

How do you balance obedience and trust in your following of Christ? 

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