What Can You Give Me?

In Genesis 15, we see a picture developing of Abram as a man who is seeking his identity in the promise of God rather than finding it in the One Who Promises.

Never happy to leave us where we are, God confronts Abram and reminds him that it shall be He Himself, God, who is his great reward.

In this exchange, Abram asks a question of God – it is a question that comes from the false part of Abram, the part trying to earn significance through the fulfillment of the promise.

…what can you give me… (Genesis 15:2)

I began rereading this question, over and over, placing emphasis on different words. Emphasis is not recorded, but the exercise gives indication of different perceptions Abram may have had about who God is and what God is like while he dealt with unmet expectations.

Try it. Think about what the emphasis says about Abram’s perception of God.

What can you give ME?

What can you GIVE me?

What can YOU give me?

What CAN you give me?

WHAT can you give me?

Do any of these perceptions reflect your own attitude toward God in prayer? What part of your false self are you trying to feed?

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