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Ours is a culture that drives us to try harder and convinces us that we can do anything to which we put our minds. But, both of these narratives are lies, both in the spiritual world and without.

Romans 8:13 says that the way we put to death the misdeeds of the body – the corrupt fruit of bad behaviors, destructive decisions, and unhealthy ways or relating – is not by a force of our own will.

It is by the Spirit.

The Spirit is our partner, guide, and counselor in this endeavor of sanctification. It is for us to live by the Spirit, being open to the counsel and direction that we are so graciously given.

God marks us as his own with the Spirit, and connection with God is established through this part of him that now lives in us. When we don’t know what to pray, the Spirit does. It is up to us to approach the throne.

Through the Spirit, we have the opportunity for 24/7 communion with our Creator and Sustainer of our identity.

It is up to us to deny our self and surrender to the Spirit, not living according to the enticing, tempting, comfortable, familiar patterns of the old nature. but instead living in communion, secure in our identity as God’s chosen, redeemed in Christ.

Freedom is the result of living by the Spirit. The experience of LIFE. Not encumbered by the standards of the world, not battling shame, not enticed by the enemy.

Rather than trying harder for the false self, we live joyful in the true.

How important is it for you to live by the Spirit?


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